Marketing Plan-Mykolor Paint-Free Essay

I.Current Market Situation 3
1.Introduction 3
2. Macro environment 3
3.Micro Environment 5
II. SWOT Analysis 7
III. Objectives and segmentation 10
1. Objective 10
2. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 10
III. Marketing Mix strategies: 15
1.Product: 15
2. Price: 17
1. Distribution 19
2. Location 19
V. Promotion Strategy 21
Because paint is one kind of shopping products that people would not buy frequently, our company will use both push and pull strategy to attract more customers. 21
1. Advertising 21
2. Sales promotion 22
3. Public Relation 23
VI. Action program 24
VII. Control 26
VIII. References: 27

Executive Summary

Joining into Vietnamese market in 2004, the Mykolor is one of the most famous brand of 4 Oranges corporation that takes 15% market share. Mykolor’s products differ from decorative to glossy paint. However, the main target is on the interior paint with unique design and features, like new waterproof system and the mix of new colors.
Despite the fact that Mykolor just enter into Vietnam market, it has already gained the customer’s awareness over past 4 years. The reason for such success are Mykolor’s distinctive advantages, such as high quality, new technology in mixing colors and creating new design that is suitable for modern lifestyle. Due the high price Mykolor has a selective distribution, focus mainly in big cities: Hanoi, HoChiMinh, Hai Phong and Da Nang. Mykolor has gained the popularity in the customer’s mind, and its future goal is to achieve 17% market share and increase 5% of profit at the end of 2009. In order to increase the customer’s awareness Mykolor has used Push and Pull strategy with promotion tools, like TV advertisements, magazines and E-newspaper. Mykolor converges on market segments which dedicate primarily to high income customers and new married couple, with an age ranging from 27 to 50 years old.

1. Introduction
Mykolor has acquired 15 percent market share of the decorative interior paint (nhacvietplus, 2008). According to Vietnam news (2008), the company had sold out 100 million liter of pain in 2008 and has gain a huge amount of profit, with nearly $17.5 million for the first nine month of the year 2008. Plus, the revenue of the company is forecasted to increase nearly 5 percent annually. (viet mageazines, 2006)
As targeting the interior paint market, our company mainly focuses on the fashionable color and guaranteed ingredient. Our goal is to gain 18 percent of the market share and get the revenue of $24.1 million Vietnamese market until the end of 2009.
Mykolor is a high quality paint with high price, thus, our desired customers is the white-collard workers with the income of more than $1000 per month and our positioning is the “more for more” strategy. Otherwise, we intend to concentrate on promoting and advertising our products on the high class magazines for building, newspaper, television and Internet so as to impress and attract the consumers. Especially, we will find and invite the famous idols Quyen Linh who is the MC of the “Nha dep” TV program to become the representative for our products. The particular amount of money contributed on these parts will be summarized more detail in the action plan schedule.
2. Macro environment
a. Demographic
Based on the statistic of (2008), the population of Vietnam in 2007 is 85.2 million people. The speed of increase is 1.2 percent per year. What’s more, with the average income in 2007 is $835, it is estimated that this number will be nearly $1000 at the end of year 2009 (cafef, 2008). The increase in the income, population and number of companies who have come to Vietnamese market since Vietnam jointed WTO leads to great opportunities to the paint market in general and Mykolor paint in particular.

2.2. Economic
According to the Morgan Stanley Financial Service Corporation, the inflation rate and GDP of Vietnam is predicted to decrease from 27 to 24.1 percent and from 8 to 7 percent, respectively (tuanvietnam, 2008). General Statistics Office (2008) assumes that although the inflation is still high, the economy of Vietnam can still growth stably with the average using price in November of 2008 increase 23.25 percent compare to this period last year.

2.3. Technology
Environmental matters are something which people concern about most at the moment. Identifying these issues, Mykolor has developed the paint which is safe for the people’s health with the ability to anti-insect, easy wash and self-mix color technology.

2.4. Natural
Besides the most out standing feature is the dramatic increase in the population, the affect of environment is becoming more and more serious to the Vietnamese people. Let us take the historical rain in October this year as an example of this. At that time, in many people’s houses, abuses come from the chiefs when they use the paint with low coefficient of penetration or many quarter of collective housing units had been destroyed. (tintuconline, 2008)
3. Micro Environment
3.1 Competitor:
At the moment, our biggest rivals are Nippon and Joton. Actually, both of them have appeared in the Vietnamese market since 1994 and 1996, respectively. It is a long time sooner than us, which can be seen as our disadvantage. Moreover, Nippon is at the 15 out of 50 in the top 50 paint companies in Asia (giiexpress, 2008) and obtained 70 percent share of the motorbike and automobile coating pain in Vietnam. It can be seen clearly that in the scope of decorative interior paint, we are still the one; however, it is easy to judge that these two companies would be our direct potential threats in the future.

3.2. Marketing Intermediaries:
The company sells its products via a network of 800 distributors nationwide. (vietnamnews, 2008) which can be seen clearly from the maps below

The ingredient of the material are mostly imported from the famous chemical corporations like: DEGUSSA (America), ELIOKEM (France), DOW CHEMICAL (America), ROHM & HASS (America), IDEX (America), NUPLEX (Australia). Clearly, the quality of these brands is completely warranted.

3.4 BCG Analysis
Taking BCG Analysis (Kotler, 2005) as the standard, we are now in the position of Cash Cow with low market growth, solely in Vietnam and high relative market share with approximately 15 percent of the market. In the Product life cycle, we are now in the growth with 5 percent increase in the revenue annually.

(Source: RMIT blackboard)


Internal Factors (IFAS)

External Factors (EFAS)


• Mykolor takes 15% of all market shares in Vietnam’s market=> a well-built place in consumer’s mind about the product.
• 800 distributors and 400 color consultant agencies- it has a quite wide distribution
• High quality product with new waterproof system and mix technology with new color.
• Good services- deliver and design advices
• Good sponsor and charity
• Representation of the brand with exclusive products and distinctive design
• Unique features- anti dust protection, simple to clean.

• High price- range from 500,000VND to 1,500,000VND
• Mykolor’s segment- middle and higher classes=> limited range of customers.
• The smell should be deducted to the minimum
• Anti-allergic protection is still weak
• Mykolor’s paint appeared behind the competitors.


- Joining WTO makes easier to widen the paint market.
- As the Vietnamese income is increasing, (app.) => people desire the product that is environmentally friendly and harmless for usage while consider which product to buy.
- - High quality to high income customers: earning more than 1000$ per month
- Issues concerning the environment=> one of the major problems in Vietnam
- Applying new technological innovations in creating unique features for the product
- Joining the WTO means more buildings are being built, therefore the demand of painting the buildings will also increasing. SO Strategies

• An increase in living standard has lead to the desire of environmentally friendly and harmless for usage products
• Dramatic increase in population=> demand in purchasing and building houses, therefore paint.
• Focus on high income customers=> win brand loyalty by offering product with high quality, unique design and features.
• Variety of color mixture=> design and creativeness, a better choice for consumers
• Promotions and advertisements through mass media: internet, newspaper, television, magazine.
• Environmentally friendly interior paint.
WO Strategies

• Charge no fee delivery through big cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.
• Attract new customers by offering a beauty test for house: drawing pictures and design, suitable for different lifestyles.
• High quality: environment and user-friendly
• Implementing new technology
• Water-proof, mold-proof and damp-proof membrane technologies
• Anti-alkali base, anti-alum abase and anti-insects technologies
• Unique features=> Mykolor become more distinctive among competitors

• - Limited range of customers=> lack of consumption
• - New line of products=> may not be accepted by the consumers.
• - Due fluctuations in Vietnamese economy, such as inflation that happens quite regularly=> Mykolor, the paint industry, like any other industry has to adjust its prices in order to maintain the profit.
• - Wallpaper industry=> simpler to decorate the house
• - There are more and more strong competitors, such as Alex, Nippon, Joton, etc.
ST Strategies

• Creating unique features: flavor and natural smell, suitable for modern lifestyle and demand
• Focus on customer’s awareness about the product.
• High price=> high quality
• Mykolor’s wide distribution overcomes the competitors.
• Produce environmental friendly products
• Due the changing climate in Vietnam, wallpaper industry is not suitable for usage.
• Sponsor and charity programs=> stronger awareness in consumer’s mind

WT Strategies

• Focus on customers, who are businessman and white-collar workers=> people who can actually afford the product.
• Promotion and advertisements newspaper, television.
• High and new technology
• Higher price than competitors, but Mykolor possesses darkness of color and added functions
• Unique features, anti-dust protection and easy to clean make the product become distinctive among competitors.

• Financial Objectives:
Achieve the total revenue in $23 million 2008 and expect 5% (about $24.1 5 million) revenue growth next year.
• Marketing Objectives:
Increase at least 10% awareness of the target customers about our products by enlarging advertising 10% in the whole year of 2009.
Gain 2% of market share for decorative interior paint by opening more showrooms and distributions in the first half of 2009.

2.1. Segmentation:
Paint is considered to be one of the most important parts in creating the beauty of each house. However, each customer has a dissimilar need of paint used in different purposes. Depending on the differences in product’s requirement, Mykolor Company divides the market structure based on four major segmentation variables involving in geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral.
a. Geographic:
 Density:
According to the Appendix….(Income Growth in Hanoi and HCM city), Mykolor decides to focus on urban areas, especially, the five big cities such as: Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hai Phong and Can Tho where people have more ability to afford for our products.
 Climate:
The differences in the temperature, humidity between the North and the South that are shown in the appendix……lead to the differences in the using purposes of paint. To satisfy the requirement of the customers, Mykolor will develop their products following product lines that are suitable with the unlike climates between areas in Vietnam.
 Season: August (beginning of the dry season) and October (beginning of the Wedding season) are chosen as the seasonal segmentation for our product. Following the Vietnamese conception, these times is good for repairing or building a new house because it is very difficult to build a new house in the rain season and many people believe that a new house will bring a lot of luck for the new married couple.

 Demographic:
Age: the target customer of our company is the group of people age from 27 to 50 years old. This group of customer usually has a demand of paint for building their houses or standard life after having a successful career and high income.
Income: according to the statistic in 2007 ( the income per capita in Vietnam was $832 and the increase in the GDP growth rate in the nexts years (Appendix……..), the group of customer earning more than $1000 per month will be the one of segments this marketing plan want to focus on because they are likely having more opportunities to afford for our products with the price from about VND450.000 to more than VND650.000 per 5 liter barrel. .
Occupation: Mykolor’s focused customers are businesspeople and white-collar workers.
Quality: Mykolor focus on providing high quality interior paint. In general, all interior paint line has the variety of color. However, there are the different characteristics between interior, all interior and baclok paint. While interior and all interior do not have the waterproof system, baclok provides a glossy and smooth wall’s preface. Besides, some factors such as anti-insect, anti-humidity and so on will be added to protect the users’ health and the air. For example, the The new paint, named Mykolor Kiddykot, is the first to target the market for interior decoration of children’s rooms by having a chocolate aroma and its low volatile organic compound content.
2.2 Target marketing
• Segment size and growth: Based on the statistic about Hanoi’s and Ho Chi Minh City’s income growth (Nielsen, 2007, p.13) (Appendix 4), it is obvious that people’s living standard has increased significantly during the period of 7 years. To specify, the number of citizens earning over VND 7 million/month is forecasted to be 26% in 2009. As a result, Mykolor paint decides to focus on this high- income segment because they are undoubtedly the primary source to help our company achieve high profit.
• Segment structural attractiveness:
-Level of competition: Mykolor has many competitors in the paint market. However, our company is still priority in mixing color and proving healthy paint, while only a few paint firms can reach both these two characteristics. Therefore, the substitute product can be limited.
-Power of buyers: The same price is applied to all wholesalers. Thus, there is no necessity for price negotiation.
• Company objective and resource: Mykolor’s objective is to gain customers’ awareness, an especially big company, who tends to invest in Vietnam’s market. Our company has enough confidence to achieve best performance due to our products’ strengths and resources.
All things considered, our company will pay attention to Differentiated marketing. Indeed, we supply a majority of paint for different consumers. For example: our firm provides Intertor paint, All Interior paint for normal decoration, or anti- bacteria paint (Baclok). Simultaneously, we also produce a new kind of paint for childen with chocolate flavor named Kiddykot and plan to have a new line of anti-insect paint.

2.3. Positioning market:

 Identify competitive advantages:
Looking into the paint market recent years, it is easy to see that Mykolor has many competitors such as Nippon, Alex, Joton and Dulux. Nippon appears to be the most outstanding threat who has been seen as the leader coming to the paint market of Vietnam. Standing at the position of 15 out of 50 paint companies in Asia, Nippon has obtained 70 percent of the Vietnamese coating paint market. Other brands such as: Joton, Dulux and Alex attract the customers with low price, with approximately from VND 252,000 to VND 345,000 ( Another feature is that all of the brands mentioned above have entered the Vietnamese market for a long time sooner than us. To be specified, Nippon and Joton have joint the paint market from 1994 and 1996, respectively.

 Choose the right competitive advantages:
Initially, it can be seen that, people always want to express themselves through their own house. Thus, Mykolor is the leader in the scope of self-mix color technology which allows the consumers to create the color as their wish from the basic ones. Secondly, the surface of the wall covered by our paint is guaranteed to be easy to wash and anti-insect. Plus, Mykolor also focus on the safety of the customer and develop the paint which is completely harmless to people’s health. Higher price and fashionable colors are also the factors which separate us from our rivals.
 Select overall strategy positioning:
With the superior function that we provide, we decide to choose the “More for more” strategy with higher price and better quality. It is clear that our paint’s price is much higher than others one, with from VND 350,000 to VND 450,000 per 5 liter barrel whereas others are just from VND 252,000 to VND 345,000 ( On the other hands, we provide better quality paint as well with anti-insect technology, fashionable color, safety, easy wash and self-mix technology.
 Positioning map

1. Product:
Initially, the firm realizes that except for the tangible products, customers also want to be offered after-sale service, like: guarantee or transportation. Mykolor can satisfy all of those demands for consumers. In other words, the company serves its customer with hybrid offer. (Kotler, 2005, p. 220)
Paint is a kind of product that demands more buying effort, comparison but less normally purchased. Thus, it should be categorized in shopping product. (Kotler, 2005, p.223)

Level of Products Current Development & Improvement
Core Benefit Protect and make people’s houses more beautiful
Actual Product • Brand name: MyKolor
• Quality level: High
• Design: including 810 colors, the paint is designed to be bright, silky, eye-catching, fashionable and protective.
• Features: Against dust-stick, easy to be cleaned, avoid water absorb toxic and smell limitation, and health safety.
• Packaging: plastic or iron barrels, with high protect level (solid and hard to be broken)
• R&D area should be continuously invested.
• Develop the product’s brand by applying multi-brands for interior paint: Interior, All Interior and Baclok 4+1
Augmented Product Mykolor also provides extra benefits to serve customers’ wants and needs:
• Delivery and credit: free offer for products’ transportation and convenience in paying the money directly through intermediaries.
• Installation: free instruction in mixing and utilizing paint.
• Warranty: From the purchasing date, the quality of Mykolor paint can last for 5-6 years.
• After-sale service: For consultancy and complaints, contact through customer care hotline: (043).6.331.456 (Hanoi) or (043).8.752.960(HCM City)

• Delivery and Credit:
Continue to expand the operating system in big cities
Improving the purchasing network, such as: selling through Internet, or using credit card
• Pre-sale and post-purchase services:
Providing more helpful advice for consumers in terms of remaining the color and quality for the paint.

2. Price:
A Pricing mix strategies:
Product line pricing: Due to the fact that Mykolor interior water paint is separated into different levels, the price would be also flexible to match with the quality. For further explanation, Mykolor will base on each paint’s personal function and color standard to determine its line.

Mykolor Interior Mykolor All Interior Mykolor Baclok 4+1
(VND 500.000/ 18lite) (VND 500.000/5lite) (VND 700.000/5lite)
Low level of decoration, Average level of decoration, High level of decoration
Anti- moss and humidity Anti- moss and humidity Anti 5 kinds of bacteria
Not easy to be cleaned Not easy to be cleaned Easy to be cleaned

Optional product pricing: Currently, along with paint, Mykolor also provides painting and designing services for customers. For example: the wall decoration is supplied if clients demand. Our company will charge these services at VND 250.000/ wall.
Product bundle pricing: In the trading system, our company desires to sell to the customers a set of product, so that they can receive 5% discount. For instance, when the consumers decide to separately purchase Mykolor Baclok paint costs VND 630.000/5lite, they also have to pay for a set of all painting brush, with the price of VND 100.000. The total cost will be VND 730.000. If consumers buy a set of paint and brush, our firm will reduce the price to VND 700.000/5 l, or offer 5% discount.
b. Price adjustment Strategies:
o A functional discount (or Trade discount): To a large extent, Mykolor’s selling activities depend on retailers, who are storing or warehousing Mykolor’s paint. Therefore, our company offers a trade discount for series of function. That is, 10% discount for storing the product, and another 5% discount on transporting the paint. By using this strategy, the firm can remain and improve the relationship with all retailers. Consequently, we are able to expand our sale volume by promoting them to purchase a larger number for the next time.
o A seasonal discount: Base on Vietnamese culture and traditional perception, our company realizes that there is a decrease in the number of sale during two periods: the first three months of each year and raining season (July and August). As a result, another 5% discount will aim to our customers in order to attract their attention and promote them to buy the products.
Psychological pricing:
In this aspect, Mykolor utilizes reference prices. To be specific, with the purpose of creating different products’ image in customers’ mind, the company will set the price of interior paint at VND 497,500 instead of VND 500,000. This tactic can create consumers feelings that they still buy luxury and qualified product but with a slightly lower price. Obviously, our sale volume may considerably increase due to more customers’ ability to afford the product.
Promotional Pricing:
Special-event pricing: In order to gain Mykolor paint awareness, our company tends to provide special discount of 10% for the first 10 customers, plus with 5% for the rest if they purchase our product on big event- Tet’s holiday.

1. Distribution
As we mentioned in the part of “Type of consumer products”, Mykolor paint belongs to shopping products part. Therefore, we choose selective distribution for this kind of products. Normally, Mykolor is only displayed and sold in the showrooms or stores that the company has rent. Our distribution channels are accessible to both intermediaries and our showrooms. Mykolor products segmented to individual customers and companies as well as corporations that want to invest in to Vietnam. Therefore, with these distribution channels, we can spread the efforts to outlets and attract more customers.

2. Location
Because our company wants to target not only customers with income more than $1000 per month but also companies and big corporations, we will open 3 more showrooms in 2 big cities: Hanoi and Hochiminh City.
 In Hanoi, we will open one showroom of Mykolor paint in Vincom City Tower _ one of the most popular shopping centers in Hanoi. It is a place that customers going shopping and looking for the products they want in short time.
 Another showroom will be established in Sinh Tu Street. This showroom is to specify only in decorative interior paint. Some people may wonder why we want to open a new store in a small street like that. However, Sinh Tu is a street that has sold paints since many years before. Therefore, people in Hanoi have habits to come to this street when need to buy paints for there house. A big and attractive showroom definitely will appeal customers.
 In Hochiminh City, we will open one showroom in Saigon Square shopping center. This trade center is always crowded with local and foreign customers. Placing a store in this center, we can ensure about wide spread of our brand name.

Because Mykolor paint is one kind of shopping products that people would not buy frequently, therefore, we would like to use Push and Pull strategy to promote for our products and attract more customers .
1. Advertising
Since Vietnam joined WTO, the paint market was expanded, not only because big buildings appear more and more but also other foreign paint companies invest into our country. To keep our position stably, we have to use advertisements as the most effective way to determine our products’ different advantages for customers.

TV advertisements: Our Company would like to choose VTV3, VTV1, HTV1_ local channel of Hanoi and HTV9_ local channel of Hochiminh city as close channels to introduce our products. The reason we choose these 4 main channels is they are very popular in two biggest and most important cities in Vietnam. In 2009, instead of common time and general lines of products as usual, we only concentrate on definite period that can attract customers and decorative interior line of paint. Our targeting customers are business people and white-collar workers. They are very busy in all day, so do not have enough time to watch television. As a result, our advertisements will be shown mainly at 8.30pm in the break –time film on VTV1, at 9.30pm on VTV3 and before afternoon and evening film time in HTV1. Furthermore, break time between game shows also is a good time to attract the concentration of viewers. This period of time is suitable for them to sit with family, relax and update for the news. Each advertising clip is about 20 seconds. We will advertise on Television between 2 months for each time.
Magazines: Nowadays, people are very busy, so the time spending on reading is less than before. That is the reason we only advertise on business magazines or architecture’s ones. As our target is customers with high income, we will advertise in the newspapers that have higher than average price such as Tiep Thi & Gia Dinh for family appliances at 11.000 VND, “Kien truc nha dep” magazine for decorating houses at 16.800 VND, “Doanh nghiep” for business people and “wedding magazines” for preparing married couples. Those newspapers have stable number of readers with high enough salary that can afford to buy our products. After considering the price for advertising in some magazines, we decide to advertise in all 12 months. The price of advertising in these magazines is affordable to us (appendix 4)
E-newspaper (Appendix 5): in the period of information technology, Internet plays a very important role in spreading our brand name. Almost all of companies and corporations find their partners and investors through this mean of communication. In the past, we do not concentrate mainly on this potential area. To increase sales and expand market share in 2009, we will focus on it. Beside main website, we also put the banner of company and decorative interior paint in big websites that many people always visit such as, (500,000 page views per day) or Each banner has size of 300*130 pixel at 30 kb and cost 5 millions VND per month (according to This kind of advertising is used mostly in 4 last months of 2009, because we want to attract more customers and increase the sales significantly in this time.
2. Sales promotion
Mykolor will not use famous stars to promote for the products in next year as usual. Consumers are very smart now, so they do not completely believe in advertising. We will make them remember and impress trying new paint, new colors they like with mixing technology. Customers will mix colors, paint one part of the trial wall by themselves and they can realize the different and effectiveness very clearly. Make a sudden attack on trying new and different method with existed product may bring very surprising and successful result. This campaign names “try new feelings with Mykolor”. We plan to launch this campaign in 2 months to prepare for the new sale season.
Beside the current way of using discount method in winter and 2 weeks before dry season in Hochiminh city since early years, we also give customers free items such as cups, raincoats, T-shirt with logo of Mykolor and interior paint. Those free items are parts of sales promotion; however, they also have very strong influences in advertising by appearing and impacting on customers’ minds everywhere.
Moreover, we also provide a very useful and interesting service for couples who have just married. Because our strength in comparison with other competitors is decorative function, we will design free one side of the wall as pictures in their bedroom if they buy our paint to repair their house. This campaign names “Happily ever after” and
will last in the wedding season from September to December.
As we mentioned in “Price adjustment strategy”, we will have 5% trade discount for retailers in the whole year with the rate of 5% for 500 units and seasonal discount for customers with 5% in July and August.
3. Public Relation
In 2008, Mykolor has become one sponsor of “Khong gian dep” program on VTV3. It is the program introducing architecture of beautiful houses which are owned by famous people. It guided viewers in designing and arranging their houses. In the first 3 months 2009, we still sponsor for this program to increase rate in televisions.
Beside the program “bringing blanket to the poor” in Tet period, we also develop the programs to help people under the storms around the year. With the meaning not only dress a “coat” for houses, we also bring warmly real coats for people who live in poor conditions. Moreover, we also help the poor repair houses to live, to get over cold winter and stormy seasons.
4. Direct marketing
Continuing the catalogs marketing in 2008, we will improve it in a new way. A team with training staff will collect the data of customers whose paint colors of house have intention to be worse. They will come and give them painting colors catalogs. At that time, they may think about painting their house or even they will consider for the next year.

( Appendix3,4,5 )
Actions Responsibility Frequency 2009
Budget (USD)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Present 3 big showrooms in Hanoi and HCM HR
Finance • • $40,000
Premium advertising times on TV PR
2 times/ week • • • • • • $52,000

Banners on, & 1 week/
month • • • • • • • $13,290
Ads on “Tiepthi&giadinh,”, “Doanh nghiep”. “ Wedding” and “ Kien truc nha dep”
2 times/
month • • • • • • • • • • • $8,000
Promotion Campaign
“Try new feeling with Mykolor” campaign PR

2 times/year • • $12,000
Bonus items for later purchasing, free gift vouchers,. Last quarter • • $10,000
“Happily ever after” campaign Wedding season • • • $20,000
Public relation

“Khong gian dep” sponsor PR
Marketing • • • $40,000
Direct marketing
Catalogs marketing PR
Marketing • • $15,000
Society Program
“Warmly coat” program PR
• • • $20,000
“Repair house “ program • • $20,000

Product development R&D • • • • • • • • • • • • $30,000
Total $280,290

The control program can be seen as a valuable tool in order to measure the efficiency of the marketing plan as well as guarantee that the process of this plan will be followed strictly. Some indicators below might be utilized:
• The customer’s feedback:
 A large amount of surveys and questionnaire delivering to the customers through the intermediaries, website or including in the product’s packages will be collected and settled to draw an overall picture about the sales volume, customer satisfaction and the product quality.
 A small “Customer’s opinion” box will be put at every intermediary in order to collect the complaints and ideas of buyers.
Through these, the company can understand about the consumer’s knowledge about the product, their want and demand, the quality of the product in addition to the customer’s service.
• The sale volume of each type of Mykolor paint weekly, monthly and annually. From that we can judge if there will be some specific period in the year that the demand may go up or down and what model of paint is the best-seller in the market. All of this statistical information will be got from the retailers and showrooms. Base on these, the company can identify the solution to rise up the sale by encouraging the customers come to buy at the time when sale decrease through discount programs or making decision about what kinds of paint they should invest more or what type they should eliminate.
All of these problems will be evaluated monthly through the discussion of the managements. Each of them will point out the solution for the related issues that they are in charged of and ask for the agreement of the others.


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APPENDIX 1: Income growth in HCMcity and Hanoi

Appendix 2

Appendix 3: the years average weather condition readings covering rain, average maximum daily temperature and average minimum temperature.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Month Average Sunlight (hours) Temperature Discomfort from heat and humidity Relative humidity Average Precipitation (mm) Wet Days (+0.25 mm)
Average Record
Min Max Min Max am pm

Jan 1 13 20 6 33 - 78 68 18 7
Feb 1 14 21 6 34 - 82 70 28 13
March 1 17 23 12 37 Moderate 83 76 38 15
April 2 20 28 10 39 Medium 83 75 81 14
May 4 23 32 16 43 High 77 69 196 15
June 5 26 33 21 40 Extreme 78 71 239 14
July 5 26 33 22 40 Extreme 79 72 323 15
Aug 4 26 32 21 38 Extreme 82 75 343 16
Sept 4 24 31 17 37 High 79 73 254 14
Oct 4 22 29 14 36 Medium 75 69 99 9
Nov 3 18 26 7 36 Medium 74 68 43 7
Dec 2 15 22 7 37 - 75 67 20 7

The following bar chart for Hanoi, Vietnam shows the years average weather condition readings covering rain, average maximum daily temperature and average minimum temperature.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Month Average Sunlight (hours) Temperature Discomfort from heat and humidity Relative humidity Average Precipitation (mm) Wet Days (+0.25 mm)
Average Record
Min Max Min Max am pm

Jan 5 21 32 14 37 High 69 61 15 2
Feb 6 22 33 16 39 High 66 56 3 1
March 5 23 34 18 39 High 63 58 13 2
April 6 24 35 20 40 Extreme 63 60 43 4
May 4 24 33 21 39 Extreme 71 71 221 16
June 4 24 32 21 38 Extreme 77 78 330 21
July 4 24 31 19 34 Extreme 79 80 315 23
Aug 5 24 31 20 35 High 77 78 269 21
Sept 5 23 31 21 36 Extreme 78 80 335 21
Oct 4 23 31 20 34 Extreme 77 80 269 20
Nov 4 23 31 18 35 High 74 75 114 11
Dec 4 22 31 14 36 High 72 68 56 7
The following bar chart for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam shows the years average weather condition readings covering rain, average maximum daily temperature and average minimum temperature.

Appendix 4: advertisements’ price on VTV3

Code Time Day Price of Advertising
10" 15" 20" 30"

Time D 6am - 10am Monday - Friday
D1 6am - 8am Inside(outside) program 2,125,000 2,550,000 3,187,000 4,250,000
D2 8am - 9am Inside(outside) program 2,500,000 3,000,000 3,750,000 5,000,000
D3 9am - 10am Inside(outside) program 2,500,000 3,000,000 3,750,000 5,000,000
D4 10am - 11h50am Inside(outside) program 2,500,000 3,000,000 3,750,000 5,000,000

6am - 9h45am Saturday & Sunday
D5 6am - 8am Inside(outside) program 2,500,000 3,000,000 3,750,000 5,000,000
D6 8am - 9am Inside(outside) program 6,000,000 7,200,000 9,000,000 12,000,000
D7 9am - 9h30am Inside(outside) program 8,000,000 9,600,000 12,000,000 16,000,000

Time C 11h55am - 7pm Monday - Friday
C1 11h55am - 2pm Outside Film & Entertainment 9,000,000 10,800,000 13,500,000 18,000,000
C2 12pm - 2pm Inside Film & Entertainment 11,000,000 13,200,000 16,500,000 22,000,000
C3.1 2pm - 5pm Inside(outside) program 6,500,000 7,800,000 9,750,000 13,000,000
C3.2 2pm - 5h30pm Inside(outside) children program (whole week) 11,000,000 13,200,000 16,500,000 22,000,000
C4.1 5pm - 7pm Outside Film & Entertainment (whole week) 11,000,000 13,200,000 16,500,000 22,000,000
C4.2 5pm - 7pm Outside Film & Entertainment (whole week) 13,000,000 15,600,000 19,500,000 26,000,000
C4.3 5pm - 7pm Before News 7pm 14,000,000 16,800,000 21,000,000 28,000,000

9h30am - 6pm Saturday & Sunday
C5 10am - 12pm Outside Entertainment program 13,000,000 15,600,000 19,500,000 26,000,000
C6.1 10am - 11am Inside Entertainment program 15,000,000 18,000,000 22,500,000 30,000,000
C6.2 11am - 12pm Inside Entertainment program 15,000,000 18,000,000 22,500,000 30,000,000
C6.3 10am - 12pm Inside program that under 30' 14,000,000 16,800,000 21,000,000 28,000,000
C7 12pm - 1h30pm Outside Entertainment program 14,000,000 16,800,000 21,000,000 28,000,000
C8 12pm - 1h30pm Inside Entertainment program 15,000,000 18,000,000 22,500,000 30,000,000
C9 1h30pm - 5pm Inside other program 10,000,000 12,000,000 15,000,000 20,000,000
C10 Inside Film of Saturday & Sunday afternoon 5,000,000 6,000,000 7,500,000 10,000,000

7h45pm - 11pm Nights
C11 7h40 pm Between Weather News & 24/7 Sport News 27,500,000 33,000,000 41,250,000 55,000,000
C12 7h45pm After 24/7 Sport News 18,000,000 21,600,000 27,000,000 36,000,000
C13 7h50pm - 9h10pm Inside Film & Entertainment 1 16,000,000 19,200,000 24,000,000 32,000,000
C14 7h50pm - 9h10pm Outside Film & Entertainment 1 18,000,000 21,600,000 27,000,000 36,000,000
C13A 7h50pm - 9h10pm Outside Game shows 18,000,000 21,600,000 27,000,000 36,000,000
C14A 7h50pm - 9h10pm Inside Game shows 26,000,000 31,500,000 39,000,000 52,500,000
C15 9pm - 10pm Outside Film & Entertainment 2 14,000,000 16,800,000 21,000,000 28,000,000
C16 9pm - 10pm Inside Film & Entertainment 2 15,000,000 18,000,000 22,500,000 30,000,000
C17 10pm - 11pm Inside (outside) other program 11,000,000 13,200,000 16,500,000 22,000,000
C18 After 11pm 3,500,000 4,200,000 5,250,000 7,000,000

Appendix 4: Price of advertisements in “Kien truc nha dep” magazines

• Size:length x width (mm)
• Measurement: 1.000 VNĐ
• Price does not include 10% Value Added Tax

Number of publishing 1 3 KỲ 6 KỲ 12 KỲ
Discount 5% 7% 10%

2nd cover
(194 x 239) 26.400 25.080 24.552 23.760

3rd cover
(194 x 239) 24.200 22.900 22.506 21.780

4th cover
(194 x 239) 28.600 27.170 26.598 25.740
Bìa 2
1st page
(194 x 239) 22.000 20.900 20.460 19.800

2nd cover+ 1st page
(460 x 275) 46.200 43.890 42.966 41. 580

1 page
(194 x 239) 19.800 18.810 18.414 17.820

1/2 page
(95.5 x 239) 11.550 10.972 10.741 10.395

2 x 1/3
page (424 x 77.5) 13.200 12 .540 12.276 11. 880

1/3 page
(194 x 77.5) 7.700 7.315 7.161 6.930

1/3 page
(63 x 239) 7 .700 7. 315 7.161 6.930

2 pages (460 x 275) 39.600 37.620 36.828 35.640

2 x 2/3
page (424 x 158) 26.400 25.080 24.552 23.760

2/3 page
(194 x 158) 13.200 12.540 12.276 11.880

2/3 page(127.5 x 239) 13.200 12.540 12.276 11.880

2 x 1/2
(424 x 118) 19.800 18.180 18.414 17.820

1/2 page
(194 x 118) 11.550 10.972 10.741 10.395

2 x 1/4
page (424 x 57.5) 11.550 10.972 10.741 10.395

1/4 page
(194 x 57.5) 6.050 5.747 5.626 5.445

1/4 page
(95 x 118) 6.050 5.747 5.626 5.445

card (95 x 57.5) 3.300 3.300 3.300 3.300
Appendix 5: Price of banner advertisements on website

Picture Position Mearsure File Size Price(VND/
1 month)
1 130 * 60 pixel 12kb 1.500.000đ
2 300 * 80 pixel 25kb 3.000.000đ
3 300 * 130 pixel 30kb 5.000.000đ
4 442 * 45 pixel
top banner 30kb 8.000.000đ
5 780 * 120 pixel
bottom banner 50kb 10.000.000đ
6 100 x 430 pixel
50kb 15.000.000đ