Critical Response to Two Articles

Critical Response to Two Articles
“Globalization: Marginalization of the poor” “A one-world market is beneficial to all”
Globalization process is bringing the world closer together. Life becomes more modern, society is more developing and the whole world is on the way of development. However, some still consider that globalization is not a glowing term at all. Beside that, it brings more troubles to the world despite the sparkling surface. In his article Banques. T. K (2007), “Globalization: Marginalization of the poor”, Liberty Press, USA claims that globalization is coercing developing nations and dominating them through economic demands. Nonetheless, in his article “A one-world market is beneficial to all”, World View, USA, Noette (2007) argues that globalization brings prosperity to the world, and it is creating “a global market civilization in which wealth, power and liberal democracy are being disseminated”. This essay is in response to both of these articles with the point of view that globalization is beneficial to all.
In the first argument, in term of the development in every country Banques claims that globalization is dominating and controlling small nations and makes them become weaker while developed country is getting stronger and stronger and it also widens the gap between rich and poor people. In contrast, Noette points out that globalization has increased world prosperity and reduced global poverty. Moreover, it has improved the welfare of citizens in almost all regions of the world and guarantees for the nations’ share of world trade. The technological innovation, brought about by globalization has created a new step for the development of the whole world.
Both Banques and Noette have presented arguments in support of their view, however Noette is more convincing because his claims is naturally flow and it does reflect the fact that globalization is much more beneficial to the world. On the other hand, Banques’s points seem to be too negative. It is undeniable that developing countries together with help from multinational capital and global governance become richer and more developing rather than being controlled by power nations.
In term of the effect of globalization on the world economy, Banques addresses that “the East Asian Crisis was a direct result of globalization”. It proves that poorer countries are more vulnerable and suffer more than rich countries. In addition, he argues that multinational companies or international institutions are not helpful to make the third worlds are better but worse. They slowdown the economy and force the nation to follow strategies that it is obligated to do. Taking the same points to look at but Noette has totally different view. He states that globalization is such a huge beneficial mine not to any individual but the whole world. The process of globalization has brought prosperity to the world, resulting in the modernization and development. An example that can be claimed for this point is the new economy zone which is developing rapidly in Asia. Globalization has helped those countries to have chance to corporate and do business with multinational companies. It is like a lever for the nation to push itself economic to develop and become larger. In addition, Noette also presents that the IMF, The World Bank and the G7 are helping the poorer countries to restructure its organization in order to enable these countries to deal with international policy, and adapt to the global economy.
In his arguments, Banques fails to convince the reader as his claims are not backed up by any concrete evidence. Moreover he seems to be over generalization when assumes that international institutions are ruining the developing countries’ economy. In fact, institutions such as WTO, APEC have brought many financial benefits to many countries as they always strive to join these organizations. It also proves that, Noette has better concept about organization than Banques and they close to reality than just a negative point of view like Banques’s.
To conclude, Banques and Noette have different perspectives about the spread of globalization and its effect to the world. Banques states that globalization is not effective and helpful at all while it increases the world poverty, the gap between rich and poor nations. Nonetheless, Noette points out supported evidences for the process of globalization over the world because of the rise in prosperity, modernization and development in every countries and improvement of society and communication. In fact, globalization brings many advantages to the world that cannot be denied and as Noette states it is “beneficial to all”.
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