America Welcomes Chinese People

Today, America has replaced Canada and become rich Chinese people's No. 1 choice when it comes to immigration.

The reason is simple: From the difficulty and waiting time, US has got the first strike.  From investment immigration policy, all it takes is 500,000 USD, 5 years of time and providing 10 jobs to exchange a permanent America green card.

Some people say this is due to the America's economic crisis,  so US is selling the green cards and keeping the door widely open to rich Chinese people coming over here for tourism .  For the first time in history, US Department of State announced over one million visas to Chinese people in 2011.  The estimated revenue from granting visas in 2012 is 1.3 million USD.

Will this help to ease the current pressing need financially?  Maybe, some anyway.  For example, in 2010 alone, US received over USD 5 billion investment from Chinese people, exceeding the total amount of all the previous years.  Since 2008 when US opened to Chinese tourists, the number  of  tourists has increase 20% each year.  It is estimated this year the number will reach one million.  Those tourists usually have a huge buying power.  Last year, 800,000 Chinese tourists spent over 5 billion USD, average $6243 per person for a few days travel. 

But why is this happening? Why when everybody is saying China  has all the money, and how bad shape US is now, yet all the rich and talented Chinese people are leaving their hometown and moving into a country where they can't even really speak the language?  According to a report from Bank of China, in 2011, 14% of Chinese billionaires are already emigrated or in the process of emigration. 

I say this interesting phenomena is not because those people worshiping western culture, but the root of the problem comes from Chinese government and the sick system.  Some people come over here because they just want to be able to have the 2nd Child; Some people come over here because they want their children to have better education; Some are just simply looking for better quality of lives.  When these people have all the money they can ask for, they start to seeking for some values that they can't purchase in China, like education, freedom, pure air, etc.  At the mean time, while these people are away enjoying their better lives, they still can operate their companies and factories back home, so why not?  But this special treatment may not exist too long, as China is standing at the intersection of political system reform.

Other than the rich people, another group of people that are welcomed here are those highly demanded skilled workers.  These people also find a way to get more value for their skills. Its a tactic for US, and it seems like a win-win for both parties, however, in a long run, China is going to be in trouble as She's losing money and talents.  I can't make any recommendation for Chinese government, but they need to do something before things spinning out of control.